Eco Poop Bags
Eco Poop Bags
Eco Poop Bags

Eco Poop Bags

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Wild Dog is now Stocking "Eco poop bags" Bags
- Vegetable based.
- Durable- making it easy to pick up poop 
- 100% Compostable.
What they are made of
They are made out of the good stuff, 100% Cornstarch. There are no nasties in our bags. Eco poop bags really do care about our planet. Now you can enjoy them too. with an anti-microbial additive to the bags, for more hygienic poop picking.
+ Breakdown in as little as 90 days
+ Breakdown in Landfill
+ Stretchy not teary
+ 100% compostable at Home, In industrial & in landfill
1 Box Contains 4 rolls 60 Bags & a reusable dispenser
1 Roll Contains 15 Bags
100% Compostable | 100% NON-Plastic | Cornstarch Based 

biodegradable poop bags