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About Us


Hi I'm Rach, the human behind WILD DOG. My husband and I live and work in the dog industry; walking dogs, adventuring with dogs, hiking with dogs, training dogs, playing with dogs and looking after dogs. Some people would call us crazy dog people, but for us its normal. We have 5 dogs of different breeds who are very well trained (we have to practice what we preach)

For years we have been making leads. I myself had been let down with badly made mass produced products, or overly expensive products which weren't good quality. So why not make my own? Many people early on approached me about making leads and collars for them, it started out for just professionals in the industry, but I then realised that there was a gap in the pet market for something so strong but lightweight and easy to carry - Then November of 2017 WILD DOG was born!

All the products are hand made and I stand by the quality of each and every item I make. WILD DOG is still a new business venture for me and I am always creating and trialing new things which could be something dog owners far and wide could be interested in. we hope you enjoy Wild Dog products as much as we do! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the latest gear!

We are always up for a new adventure!

Rach & The Pack