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Slip Collar - Fire Range
Slip Collar - Fire Range
Slip Collar - Fire Range
Slip Collar - Fire Range
Slip Collar - Fire Range
Slip Collar - Fire Range
Slip Collar - Fire Range

Slip Collar - Fire Range

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Wild Dog slip collars (1-2 week lead time)

→ Lightweight
→ Strong
→ Minimalist
→ Hand made in NZ
→ Made with solid brass hardware for longevity

Available in 14inch -26inch (Smaller and larger available on request)


→Measure around your dogs neck at the widest point see photo of Buzz for reference.
→Once you have the measurement add an extra 1-2 inches to get the correct size.
→Make sure you have the ability to slip the collar over your dogs head

Please note these are made to order and you cannot exchange so please measure correctly

Slip collars are best effective when they have a perfect fit - not too tight and not too loose.

A bit about the Product:

Each slip collar is hand braided with 4 strands of Paracord, within each of these strands there are 7-9 core strands. collar has be spliced and sealed.

Easy to clean! Simply wash with warm water and detergent, then, hang out to dry. Your leashes will come out good as new!

*Please note a slip collar is not a "quick fix" to make your dog walk nicely. Please make sure before you use a slip collar, you can use it correctly or will seek training in order to do so. A slip collar is a great training tool when used effectively and correctly, however like any training tool if misused could cause damage. 

**Also note collars are not chew proof (here at Wild Dog we professionally believe that dogs should not be left alone with access to chew a collar)

***Never tether your dog will wearing a slip collar.

Colours may vary slightly than pictured